Metal Stamping

Fourslide Stamping, Multi-Slide Stamping and
Progressive Die Metal Stamping

Your precision metal stamping and custom part needs are paramount at GEMCO Manufacturing. And we have the experience, knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to ensure you get exactly what you need at a competitive price.

Boasting one of the broadest ranges in size and number of metal stamping machines in the Northeast, our in-house capabilities are robust and offer you two methods of metal stamping: four slide and power presses that run progressive dies. Each one is unique and offers a different approach to processing material, as well as different motions to help facilitate the formation of intricate components.


Not sure what’s right for your part? Not to worry.
That’s why we’re here!

We’ll work with you from both an engineering and supply chain perspective to uncover the manufacturing method, or methods that’s right for your part. The goal is to understand the function and the application of your component so we can accurately assess and recommend materials, modifications, and production methods that may offer you opportunities for cost savings without sacrificing function or performance.

After more than seventy years helping design engineers and supply chain managers with materials, manufacturing methods, post-production processing and finishing, as well as specialized packaging, GEMCO is able to offer you the most complete experience and comprehensive pricing available – a true value for you!

Want to read more about each method we can offer you?

Please visit the specific metal stamping process page listed below. If you want to talk now, please call 1-888-766-5166 or 1-860-628-5529.

Fourslide Stamping / Multi-Slide Stamping

Progressive Die Stamping (Power Presses)

Listening to and responding to customer needs helps us to understand the ways in which we can serve you best. Please visit our Secondary Operations & Assemblies and Value-Added Services pages to see all the ways you can get what you need for your custom metal part from GEMCO.