Secondary Operations & Assemblies

A Measurable Value

GEMCO’s secondary operations and assemblies for metal stamping and wire forming are a reflection of our commitment to serve your unique needs. That’s why customers continue to put their trust in our abilities year over year with another part, another project, another challenge.

Since 1943 GEMCO has consistently looked for ways to become a valuable partner to every customer, enhancing our fourslide stamping, progressive die stamping and wire forming offerings with additional services that save you time and costs and allow you to get to market faster.

By incorporating what was formerly a secondary staking process into the primary fourslide and progressive die tooling, we have effectively eliminated a second labor cost to you, the customer. Through inventory management of common sub-components made on our production equipment, assemblies are shipped on time, as scheduled. Realizing the sensitive nature of specific parts, we also provide special packaging for protection and cosmetic integrity.


We do our best to truly be your partner.

  • When a second operation can be incorporated into the primary component production to offer a measurable benefit to you, we offer that.
  • When supplying an assembly rather than two or more components for that assembly will save you inventory tracking, we offer that.
  • When we can work with you through prototypes and into production so you have only one place to go, we offer that.
  • When we see that your part design will create handling issues and have a packaging solution, we offer that.

We’re prepared to earn your trust by listening to your needs and responding in a way that gives you what is required for your parts and your business!