Progressive Die Stamping

When progressive die stamping is right for your parts, GEMCO has the power press capabilities to form strip material from .002″ to .125″ thick, and up to 10″ wide. To ensure the highest quality and performance of your part, progressive die tools are entirely designed, produced, and debugged in-house by GEMCO’s qualified team. To ensure tight tolerance precision metal parts and accurate repeatability, tools are produced utilizing up-to-date software for CAD design, wire EDM, and CNC milling. Additionally, real-time vision monitoring systems can be built into the tools to insure maintenance of PPM levels and the quality standards you require.


Supporting Your Competitive Edge

GEMCO understands your need to remain competitive in today’s global market. In order to deliver your parts the way you need them, in-die insertion of contacts, rivets, PEMâ„¢ Fasteners, screws and spot welding are incorporated into the progressive die metal stamping process, saving you time, labor, and money. Whether you require loose parts, reeled parts on a carrier, or specially handled and packaged parts, we work with you to supply components in a configuration that best suits your assembly needs.

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Materials for Function & Performance

As with all production processes, selecting the right materials is critical to the success of your part. Offering you the expert advice you’re looking for, GEMCO’s experience with the wide choice of materials, material sizes, and material forms that can be handled in our power presses simplifies your sourcing process for a worry-free experience.

Is Progressive Die Stamping right for Your Part?

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