Value-Added Services

Experienced Help and Customized Solutions

GEMCO’s value-added services are designed to provide you with the help and customized solutions you need for your unique projects. Consider us an extension of your organization, here to work with you where and how you need us, whether with part design, material selection, customized inventory consignment programs, or managing third-party sub-components in order to ship you complete assemblies.

Since 1943 GEMCO has been working not only to produce and supply metal components on fourslide stamping, metal stamping and power press equipment, but also to learn the ways in which your experience with us can be enhanced. One of the ways we do that is by asking questions that clarify for us how you can best be served, such as:

  • How many parts will you require?
  • Is that in total, an annual need, or will you need that many periodically throughout the year?
  • What is the longevity of the product?
  • Are there weight limitations we need to consider when shipping?
  • Are there quantities per carton parameters to aid your internal processing?
  • What do you do with this product?
  • Can we take additional packaging/sub-assembly/kitting steps to help you?
  • Can we help managing your inventory levels?
  • Can we offer alternative materials or processes that maintain or enhance performance and function?
  • Do you need assistance in design based on our experience?

It is important to the way we do business to make sure you are able to experience added-value in a meaningful way. To give you an example, here are some of the proven value-added services we have offered our customers:

  • Working with customer engineering departments from their initial hand assembly through prototyping and production of labor-saving components, including suggesting raw materials ‘outside the box.’
  • Working with customers’ supply chain departments on inventory consignment programs
  • Working with supply chain and production personnel to coordinate inventory on common components and shipping differing sub-assemblies from them, based on customer assembly demands.
  • Working out special packaging based on how it will be handled after receipt at the customer’s facility (i.e. tape-and-reel, individual wrapping, bulk handling)
  • By purchasing non-GEMCO-made sub-components and adding them to GEMCO-made sub-components in order to ship full assemblies to the customer, saving our customers time, assembly costs, inventory hassles and an increase in their supplier base
  • Working with customers’ complex designs to create cost-effective part solutions that are finished in the machine, saving many secondary operations

Proud of our long-standing relationships with customers, many approaching fifty years, we look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate how the value of working with GEMCO adds to the products you buy.