Special Needs Packaging and Handling

special-packaging-01The vast majority of parts made at GEMCO can be, and are made, processed, packed and shipped as bulk items – that is, made by the thousands, processed in large batches/groups of thousands, packed in plastic bag lined cartons of thousands and shipped to our customers. There is, however, sometimes a need for special handling and packaging that we are quick to recognize and address with our customers.

For example, the large, but fragile, lead frames supplied to the automotive insert molder could not be processed or shipped in bulk fashion. GEMCO worked out a solution to hand pack these parts at the power press, and place them into cardboard cartons, within the cavities of the die-cut inserts that orient and protect each part, and each layer of parts within the carton.

special-packaging-02This not only protects each piece, but orients it for hand insertion into the mold cavity at the customer’s facility. Additionally, the inserts and cartons are returned to GEMCO for re-use. This keeps packaging costs down, and makes effective use of re-cycling efforts.

Sometimes small parts need to be introduced to an automated pick-and-place assembly line. The fourslide parts shown below are individually oriented and placed into pockets on the tape-and-reel packaging, facilitating needed handling on the customer’s  production line.

Yet another of GEMCO’s customers serving the medical industry needs to have both discreet parts, as well as some assemblies, delivered with a highly polished and blemish-free surface finish. We individually wrap these parts in sulfur-free paper, using lint-free cotton gloves, to ensure that each and every part is free of any surface contamination or marks, and is protected until receipt by our customer.


Your needs, your requirements, GEMCO’s ability… we get you what you need, how you need it, when you need it. Reliably, responsibly, and with a lot of experience!