Wire Forming

wire formingAble to handle the most complicated wire form components, GEMCO’s in-house wire forming capabilities offer you the round wire, square wire, and shaped wire options you need at an affordable price.

From .010” through .187” in diameter – as well as shapes with similar cross-sectional areas – we have perfected innovative ways to bend, skive, and coil wire into a single piece needing little or no secondary processes to accomplish your goal, offering you even further savings of time and cost!

Accommodating Your Needs

Whether your part requires that we hard-tool a fourslide stamping machine or high volume/long run production, GEMCO can accommodate your needs in a cost-effective manner. By evaluating your part and understanding its application, our experienced tool designers will let you know the best way for you to get the part that fulfills your application and business objectives.

Materials for Function & Performance

Selecting the right materials is critical to the success of your wire form part. Raw materials of all copper-based alloys, low and high carbon steels, stainless steel alloys, nickel alloys, aluminum and other more exotic varieties have been used at one time or another. To ensure the proper function and optimal performance of your part, take advantage of our experience with a vast array of materials to give you the guidance you’re looking for.

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After more than seventy years helping design engineers and supply chain managers with materials, manufacturing methods, post-production processing and finishing, as well as specialized packaging, GEMCO is able to offer you the most complete experience and comprehensive pricing available – a true value for you!