About GEMCO Manufacturing

About GEMCOHistory

In 1943, five young men dreamed of starting their own manufacturing company. They chose to locate it in Plantsville, Connecticut. This company was called the General Machine Company. However, when these early entrepreneurs realized that numerous local manufacturers were including the term “General” in the name, the company was changed to Gemco Manufacturing Co. Inc. As is often the case, one of the original partners succeeded the others and Gemco remains to this day, a family business – now owned and operated by the third generation of the DiVenere family.

In 1948, after having established themselves in the region as a valued and dependable supplier, Gemco moved to a larger facility in Southington. During the initial fifty years, Gemco developed a broad customer base that included manufacturers of children’s toys, home appliances such as toaster ovens and broilers, thermostats for the home, electrical connectors and early automotive components such as breaker springs. All of these components were manufactured using the fourslide machine process, a process that remains an extremely versatile and efficient means of manufacturing metal components. Many of their customers sought them out for sourcing what they described as “the challenging” work. Although there were some “easy” parts in the mix, the components Gemco manufactures never have been ordinary fourslide components.

In the late 80’s, Gemco’s management expanded the company’s process offerings by opening a power press or progressive die department. This alternative metal stamping process allowed Gemco to increase the size, precision and complexity of the custom metal components that they manufactured. Gemco was now positioned to assist their customers with expanded capacity, capabilities and in most instances increased run rate which translated into more competitively priced components. GEMCO - Then and NowOver time Gemco was able to incorporate tapping, contact insertion and assembly into their fourslide and power press processes, many times eliminating the need for secondary operations.

In 2001, after experiencing continued and sustainable growth for three consecutive years, the decision was made to build a new 40,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on West Queen Street in Southington. This new, modern building would provide Gemco with additional space for expansion as the company worked to secure a position in what was clearly becoming a global economy.

Since the move, Gemco has expanded their business both domestically and on the international scene, partnering with customers around the world. In 2009, Gemco Manufacturing acquired a local competitor folding those operations into the current facility and bringing with it opportunities to service new markets.

Today, Gemco Manufacturing provides precision metal components to the automotive, consumer products, medical, electronics, aerospace and telecommunications industries. Their customers continue to seek Gemco’s technical support and metal forming expertise to manufacture quality components, produced to exact customer specifications, in support of their efforts in maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Gemco’s reputation as a low-maintenance vendor is a direct result of their focus on the customer and commitment.