Shaped Wire

GEMCO’s years of experience forming shaped wire offers you round, square, half-round, flat-rolled and specially-designed shaped wire options that can solve the most complicated of part challenges. If your part functions as a retention clip, electrical contact, or spring clip, then shaped wire forming may be an option for you.

Innovative Solutions for Your Part

For more than 70 years, design and mechanical engineers have turned to GEMCO to help them find an innovative solution for their part. By thinking outside of the box, we are able to solve difficult problems using specially shaped wire and its properties.

Before forming the final part, we might need to coin and trim a section of the wire, skive a section of the material, or even weld shaped wire to flat stock in the machine. Your design might call for a pointed or round end on one end but not both. Whatever the special requirements, we have the experience to deliver what you need. All custom tooling is designed by us to accomplish the extras within the fourslide stamping machine. The value for you is that we have all the capabilities in-house to drop a complete part with the unique characteristics you require, saving you time and costs.

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Materials for Function & Performance

Ensuring your part is made from the right materials that offer you manufacturing repeatability, function and performance, GEMCO can accommodate all of the “standard” materials. But we also have a special capability to work with beryllium copper and its secondary heat treating, making GEMCO a valued supplier with unique capabilities that make your sourcing search easier to resolve.

Whether you are wrestling with the design of a wire component or sourcing someone else’s design, GEMCO can help get you where you need to be!

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